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Commercial Pool Services on Long Island


Service and Renovation

Commercial Pool Summerizing and Winterizing Services on Long Island NY

W&L takes pool start-up very seriously. Start- up service can make or break the opening of your pool season. Our professional, certified technicians will guarantee a properly operating pool at the time of the opening inspection; including safety and deck equipment, chemical feeders in working condition, correctly balanced chemicals, test kits and of course, a clean sparkling pool. Lifeguards and CPO attendants will be fully trained on filter system operation. A staff member from W&L will be on site when your pool gets inspected to ensure a passing result.


  • Remove Pool Cover
  • Pump out pool water and dispose at nearest area within limits of the law
  • Remove all debris from pool
  • Acid wash pool and clean tiles
  • Clear lines and remove Winterizing plugs
  • Reinstall deck equipment, skimmer baskets and covers
  • Start water in pool
  • Reassemble automatic chlorinators and flowmeters
  • Reassemble filter
  • Start pool operation and check systems
  • Lifeguard training for filter system operation

Long Island NY Summerizing W&L will properly close your pool at the end of the season. W&L will ensure that all pool lines including skimmer, main drain, and vacuum lines will be blown out with high density compressors and then filled with high quality environmentally safe anti-freeze to prevent cracking of pool lines during the cold winter months. Motors will be disconnected and stored in a dry facility along with chemical feeders. Your pool will be covered and properly fastened to guarantee protection and safety. Pool equipment will be inventoried and stored; including skimmers, test kits, first aid kits, spine boards, and ring buoys.


  • Reduce pool water level and dispose at nearest area within limits of the law
  • Drain and blow out all lines, add anti-freeze and install winterizing plugs
  • Remove all deck equipment, baskets, and covers and store on premises
  • Dismantle filter system, drain and winterize lines and filter tank
  • Remove and clean Chlorinators
  • Reinstall Pool Cover

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